New Line of Rugged, Low-Cost Positioning Tables Offers OEMs Design Flexibility in a Compact Package

Feb. 23, 2007
Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division, a leading supplier of motion control technology, has released the 402XE and 403XE family of linear positioning tables. Designed to reduce overall machine cost and allow manufacturers to speed their time to market, the rugged 402XE and 403XE are available in a complete compact package with motor and limit sensors included, or for simple customization, the 402/403XE can be ordered with mounting for other motors to meet customer-specific application requirements. The 402/403XE utilizes a steel “U” channel body design creating a more rigid structure when compared to traditional positioning tables. The steel “U” channel design also allows for integration of the bearing and ball screw nut, creating a more compact overall footprint while providing higher load-carrying capacities versus traditional bearing/actuator designs. The 402XE comes in a 50mm wide footprint or with optional hardcover the footprint increases slightly to 57mm wide. The 403XE is 60mm and 80mm wide without and with the hardcover option. The release of the 402/403XE extends the Parker Automation product line capabilities to further accommodate application requirements in the medical, hard disk, lab automation, and high-tech markets while offering a robust engineering solution for OEMs and machine builders who have traditionally dealt with long lead times and poor response times or dealt with the frustration of designing, purchasing, inventorying, assembling, and testing all the components required to “build your own” positioning table.