New Kappa Controller For DC Electric Fastening

March 27, 2007
Stanley Assembly Technologies announces the new Kappa controller, designed to optimize DC electric threaded fastening for error proofing. The Kappa controller measures actual torque and compares it to quality limits, whereas other methods like current control can only estimate torque. The Kappa controller is also compatible with the full range of QPM DC electric tools, from 0.6 to 2000 Nm and higher. A single DC electric tool can be set up to assemble joints of different target torque levels — unlike air tools, which require separate tools for each torque level. Kappa features include: Large data display with softkey navigation for ease of use Parameter Wizard for simplified setup Embedded toolbox software, which runs on a Web browser and enables analysis of tightening results fed directly from the Kappa controller Counts fastened bolts and detects cross-threads, rehits, and slip-offs The Kappa system includes Adaptive Tightening Control (ATC), which automatically adjusts for different joint designs and part variations during each tightening cycle. ATC dynamically manages speed and power to the motor in order to control fastening. Other methods, such as current control, require special software and setup to account for different joint types. “Error proofing with the Kappa controller verifies that the correct number of fasteners are installed to specification. That’s important for the bottom line in manufacturing,” noted Doug Versele, Global Product Manager, Stanley Assembly Technologies.