New Gemini™ Automatic Hot-Melt Adhesive Hose Prevents Line Down-Time

March 29, 2007
ITW Dynatec®, a Division of Illinois Tool Works, introduces its new hot melt adhesive hose, the Gemini™ Automatic, for use on most standard industrial adhesive supply units. There isn’t a cost effective preventive maintenance program for a hot-melt adhesive hose. When a hose heater or a temperature sensor fails the production line stops. All Gemini™ Hoses incorporate dual heaters and dual temperature sensors along with an automatic switching means to select between the first and second circuits. This new hot melt adhesive hose virtually eliminates line-down time due to hose failure. The Gemini™ hose gives you or your customers the insurance that a hose heater or temperature failure won’t shut down their production line. Gemini™ Hot-Melt Hose technology is a result of Dynatec’s ongoing research and development program aimed at enhancing performance and reliability of hot melt application systems.