A New “Standard” in Precision Linear Shaft

March 31, 2007
In a highly competitive economy, when a machine build requires precision linear shaft, all options must be considered. One option is MISUMI, a worldwide supplier of over 200,000 mechanical and automation components including a complete line of precision linear shaft. MISUMI precision linear shaft features a consistent hardening depth and a light pre-load to minimum clearance design between the shaft and bushing. This allows for smoother, more precise and quieter operation. The range of precision linear shaft offered by MISUMI includes many varieties with most offering configurability in 1mm increments and a wide choice of end designs. In addition, an assortment of materials, shapes and surface finishes are available to meet most application requirements. MISUMI offers 52100 bearing steel and 440C stainless steel as well as outside diameter sizes from 3-50mm and lengths from 10-1500mm. Length tolerance, wrench flats, set screw flats, key groove, V-groove, relief and other end designs are all available. In addition, express shipping options are offered so configured parts can be shipped the same day. Furthermore, there is never a minimum quantity order or set-up charge. In a typical machine shop scenario, a drawing is created, a blank is obtained, the blank is set-up and then the machining occurs. The MISUMI difference in its precision linear shaft is that the customer can use the CAD configurator to configure the precision linear shaft and download the native CAD file. The file can then be modified and the precision linear shaft drawing can be inserted into the CAD assembly. Compatible MISUMI components such as linear bushings and linear shaft collars can also be configured in various styles. In addition, MISUMI precision linear shaft can be ordered using the Web Ordering System. This tool enables procurement to instantly obtain price and shipping information and also to obtain a request for quotation (RFQ). Additionally, the Web Ordering System provides historical order and quotation information that allows the customer to maximize the use of common components across multiple machines. Also, RoHS compliance and other data are available online at the component level for most components. About MISUMI USA, Inc. Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, MISUMI USA, Inc. was established in 1988 as a subsidiary of Japan based MISUMI Corporation. MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of configurable and fixed components for factory automation. In addition, MISUMI USA, Inc. offers a range of press and plastic die components, cutting tools, and gauges.