TANKADDY: The Ergonomic Way To Manually Transport Forklift Cylinders

June 6, 2007
Bishamon Industries Corporation announced the introduction of the TanKaddy, an innovative device that dramatically improves the ergonomics of manually transporting aluminum forklift cylinders. The TanKaddy securely attaches to the bottom of any standard 33.5lb.or 44.5lb. aluminum forklift cylinder. Utilizing two “Soft Tread” 2.5 inch rubber wheels, the TanKaddy allows workers to easily roll tanks across the shop floor, eliminating the need to carry heavy cylinders, and helping to prevent worker injury or fatigue. The TanKaddy is designed to easily mount to the cylinder and does not impede cylinder stacking or storage. It remains attached when the cylinder is in use on the fork truck, or when the cylinder is stored. This product can be used in any facility utilizing LPG powered fork trucks where the cylinders are manually transported for short or long distances. It is also ideal for transporting cylinders to customers at retail facilities. •Fits standard 33.5lb. & 44.5lb. aluminum forklift cylinders •Eliminates hand carrying heavy cylinders •Helps prevent worker injury and fatigue •Easily roll cylinders across the shop floor to the forklift •Great for transporting aluminum cylinders to customers at retail centers •TanKaddy does not impede tank stacking or storage •The TanKaddy is easy to mount and remains attached when the forklift cylinder is in use or stored