A New Point-of-Use Extraction Arm for Weld fume

July 9, 2007
Donaldson Company, Inc., leading provider of industrial fume control equipment, announces the availability of a new fume extraction arm that has external adjustment controls and is virtually maintenance-free. The new Ex-Arm is standard on all Donaldson Torit brand fume collectors: Easy-Trunk, Porta-Trunk, T-2000 collectors. With its external controls, Ex-Arm is easier to position at the fume source when extracting dirty air from the workplace and the worker’s breathing zone. It features a 360° free rotation with smooth, low-friction maneuverability that engages positively when positioned. There are several hood options on this arm, including a standard round hood with impactor plate, and a triangle shape that is proving very useful for fume collection in tight corners. The Ex-Arm can be mounted on a bench or overhead. It is finished with a scratch-resistant black baked enamel coating, and carries a 1-year warranty. The packaging for shipping is smaller on the Ex-Arm, compared to previous arms. The unit is folded and well-packed into a sturdy cardboard container, instead of a wooden crate – which means less weight and less freight cost for the customer. Pricing is comparable to previous Donaldson Torit arms, and competitive with others on the market – but offering so many more benefits!