CoGeneration Locomotives

Oct. 11, 2007
CoGenerationTM Locomotives provide the best possible return on your locomotive investment. Power on Demand feature utilizes engine shutdown to reduce fuel consumption and excess noise when power demand is low. As power demand increases, additional engine(s) comes on-line to provide up to 2100hp (total). Optional power source options may also include battery third rail or catenary input sources. Through a combination of clean-burning Tier 2 engines and optional self-cleaning ceramic particulate fi lters, Hydrocarbon emissions are reduced 97%, NOx reduced by 65%, CO reduced 75%, and Particulate Matter reduced by 93%. Regenerative Dynamic Braking allows the use of the brakes (down to 0.6mph) to generate energy that is recycled for use in auxilary functions like cab heating, fans, air conditioning, lights, radios, refrigerator, and air compressor. Using the most fuel effi cient diesel engines in a multi-engine application is part of the estimated 25% reduction in fuel costs. Each engine only operates when it is needed. Using the Traction & Engine Control Unit provides a cab-mounted touch screen display that accesses engine controls and diagnostics. Also controls wheel slip/slide in Power and DB modes based on axle speed sensors. Each traction motor is individually controlled for maximum adhesion. Each engine is started by the generator to a high speed before fuel is introduced. This configuration also eliminates the maintenance associated with normal wear on engine starters and ring & pinion gears.