PartsCaddy Battery Powered Cart

April 23, 2008

Heavy-duty, battery powered cart for moving equipment, materials and parts.

DJProducts of Minneapolis has introduced a heavy-duty, walk behind, battery powered platform cart that pushes or pulls equipment, materials, and parts. Called the PartsCaddy®, the unit is design for moving heavy materials from one point to another in manufacturing, distribution, or office environments.

The PartsCaddy® Battery Powered Cart can haul loads up to 2500 lb. and has a pushing or pulling capacity of other equipment up to 50,000 lb. The battery powered platform cart has a variable speed twist grips that allows the operator to travel at speeds of 0-3 mph forward or backward. With its heavy duty, 36-volt motor being powered by three 12v battery, the unit can perform without re-charging for an entire shift.

Options include a rotating powered scissors lift, a larger bed, a push pad and pintle hitch for pushing or pulling other heavy carts or battery equipment. The PartsCaddy® is available in yellow, white, or black.

For more detailed information, along with pictures and a video on the solution that solved this application, please visit thePartsCaddy - Battery Powered Cart.