Wear the Black Ice® Cool Collar CCX™ and Enjoy Cool Relief–24x7

May 23, 2008
Every summer, thousands of employees work in uncomfortably hot conditions. These difficult working environments are not only hard on the employee–they account for a major loss in productivity through fatigue, loss of morale and a rise in absentee levels. With ever-rising costs, it is difficult to justify the installation of expensive HVAC systems, so employers are left with a difficult choice–uncomfortable employees or large capital expenditures and higher utility bills.Black Ice® offers a unique solution to this ever-present problem–the Cool Collar CCX™. Unlike wet towels or cooling bandanas, this Patented two-piece neck wrap provides a cool, refreshing, safely regulated temperature output of 57°F–regardless of ambient temperature or humidity level. Lightweight and comfortable to wear during even rigorous activity, this ergonomically-designed system provides true relief from the heat–without batteries, wires, or external plumbing. The reusable Black Ice cooling element recharges in ice water in twenty minutes and provides cooling for up to 1.5 hours. With the exclusive CoolSwap™ design, an additional cooling element and a small cooler of ice water are all that’s required to help employees stay cooler during the entire work day.