iCube Control Platform

Oct. 24, 2022
iCube Control from Yaskawa America is fully customizable to meet individual needs.

iCube Control (i³ Control) is a single control technology that puts engineers, application developers, machine builders, and designers in total control over their systems. The platform consolidates a variety of automation controls into one centralized controller, allowing for seamless and secure collaboration by teams across different locations. It combines powerful, modular hardware with a flexible software infrastructure, is easily scalable, and is fully customizable to meet individual needs.


This machine control platform includes five powerful elements:

  • i³ MC: a machine controller for motion, logic, kinematics, safety, and more.
  • i³ Engineer: promotes multi-location collaboration by providing a single environment for motion, logic, and safety programming.
  • i³ Data: a dedicated control module for real-time data acquisition, processing, communication, and feedback.
  • i³ Web: a secure web-based management platform.
  • i³ Kinematics: delivers integrated control and safety for Delta, SCARA, 6-axis, Gantry, and customer-specific mechanisms.
  • i³ MC
  • i³ Engineer
  • i³ Data
  • i³ Web
  • i³ Kinematics