May 27, 2008
Seatek Company, a leading manufacturer of specialty tools for the electrical and datacom field, is expanding its line of cable stripping products with the addition of the "Ring-Cut Master”, catalog CT-255.  This unique cable preparation tool was designed to strip the most difficult cables that utility knives or standard blades can not handle.  The AC powered CT-255 can rotary cut external high strength solid steel wire armor on electro-mechanical cables (EM cables) or fiber-optic cables with its diamond abrasive blade.  These cables are used in harsh environments such as offshore drilling platforms, submersible equipment (ROV umbilicals), military applications, etc. which are very labor intensive to install. The Ring-Cut Master can also efficiently rotary cut cables and hoses protected with solid or braided shields.The Ring-Cut Master has a fully adjustable depth of cut and cam action blade plunging; it can ring cut cables up to .625” Dia. (15mm).  A cable stop graduated in millimeters and inches sets the stripped cable length.  Rotate the CT-255 one full turn to cleanly cut though the cable jacket and armor while preventing damage to the inner conductors.  The CT-255 is powered by a rotary tool; a bench mount tool holder and foot switch are also included for easy operation.•    Ring cut with precision cables up to .625”  Dia. (15mm)•    Thumb screw adjustable depth of cut•    Cam actuated plunge feature gently lowers the blade to begin cutting•    110 V.A.C motorized rotary tool with flexible shaft and bench mount tool holder•    Efficiently rotary cut cables and hoses protected with solid or braided shields, even stainless steel!