5 MP GigE Vision Camera

July 23, 2008
JAI introduces a new 5 megapixel camera with GigE Vision digital interface. This new progressive scan camera joins the recently announced 5 megapixel Camera Link model as part of the Basic tier of the company’s new 3-tier C3 Camera Suite - a complete camera range based on JAI’s Core Camera Concept (C3). The new high resolution camera is available in two versions: BM-500GE (monochrome) and BB-500GE (raw Bayer color). Both models are built around the Sony ICX625 2/3" CCD sensor (2448 x 2050 pixels - QSXGA) and are equipped with a standard GigE Vision digital interface including RJ-45 connectors with thumbscrews to ensure reliable performance in industrial environments. A unique feature of the BM-500GE/BB-500GE is its Sequence Trigger Mode, which allows the user to pre-define on-the-fly changes to gain, shutter, and/or region of interest (ROI) settings for a repeating sequence of up to 10 consecutive triggers. This capability is particularly useful in automated production line environments where items being inspected might require different settings for different regions of the object, or where different settings are needed to properly inspect for different types of defects within the same region of interest. This versatile and flexible mid-range camera offers superb thermal management and pre-processing to guarantee optimal sensor operation and high quality images. Potential applications for the BM-500GE/BB-500GE are numerous, including printed circuit board inspection, automotive parts inspection, glass inspection, traffic enforcement, fruit sorting on broad conveyer belts, and facial recognition at security checkpoints. The camera’s well-crafted analog front end design enables it to operate at 15 fps with full 5 megapixel resolution, an improvement over the 12 fps rate found in some 5 megapixel cameras. Partial scanning and binning modes are also provided for increased flexibility and performance. The camera includes programmable general purpose input/output ports (GPIO) for flexible connection with external factory automation equipment such as PLCs. In-camera pre-processing functions include automatic white balance to eliminate the need for performing this function in the host-based Bayer-to-RGB algorithm, a look-up table (LUT) for dealing with difficult lighting conditions, and a blemish compensation function which eliminates pixels with extremely low or high output characteristics by interpolating the neighboring pixels. The BM-500GE/BB-500GE also features auto-iris lens control, making the camera ideal for outdoor applications with wide ranging lighting conditions, such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and surveillance. The BM-500GE/BB-500GE has the same uniform design philosophy shared by all cameras in JAI's C3 Camera Suite, making it easy for system integrators and OEMs installing diverse and complex machine vision solutions to adapt to varying camera demands by simply switching between models across the 3 tiers: • C3 Advanced - elite performance camera series with a broad range of built-in pre-processing functions, resolutions up to 16 megapixels and innovative multi-tap, 2CCD and 3CCD architectures. • C3 Basic - high performance camera series with single or dual-tap imagers, inherent thermal management, and a 55 mm cube housing. • C3 Compact – entry-level camera series with a small form factor, single-tap high frame rate architecture, and a standard digital interface. In common with all JAI C3 Camera Suite models, the new BM-500GE/BB-500GE camera is supported by JAI’s SDK and Control Tool. • C3 Basic series • 2/3” Monochrome progressive scan CCD • 2456 (h) x 2058 (v) active pixels • 3.45 ?m square pixels • 15 frames/second with full resolution • Partial scan • Pre-processing functions inside the camera • GigE Vision interface