First Chip Fuse in a 1206 Package Rated up to 25 Amps

Aug. 16, 2008
Small Fuse, High Performance for Secondary Circuit ProtectionSanta Rosa, California, August 14, 2008 - SCHURTER released today the first 1206 chip fuse with rated current values up to 25 A. The new slow-blow UST 1206 provides high melting I2t values for impressive inrush withstand performance.The UST 1206 with characteristics according to UL 248-14 complements Schurter’s previously introduced and successful USI 1206 built to IEC 60127-4. The UST 1206 includes current ratings that range from 7 to 25 A with voltage ratings up to 63 VDC and 32 VAC. The device provides a breaking capacity of up to 400 A at a defined voltage. Rated operating temperature is - 55°C to +90°C.The UST 1206 fuse series is a cost-effective solution for applications where high inrush current and on-off cycling is present. It is designed to provide secondary overcurrent protection in power inverters, back lighted DC-AC inverters for monitors, wherein power consumption is high at a low voltage level, e.g. 5 or 12 VDC.The fuse holds cURus approval. Legend markings on each fuse provide a clear visual identification of rated current. The device is RoHS compliant and is supplied on tape and reel either with 1k or 5k or 15k pieces. Pricing starts at about 25 cents each in quantities of 1000 and is available from stock to 8 weeks.About Schurter Inc.
The Schurter Group, founded in Switzerland in 1933, is an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for the high-tech industry. Schurter’s product innovation focuses in four strategic business areas including fuses, connectors including EMC filter components, circuit breakers for equipment, and human to machine input systems. Schurter, Inc. Santa Rosa, California, is the exclusive North American sales and distribution office for the Schurter Group.• Rated Voltage : 24 – 32 VAC, 32 – 63 VDC • Rated Current : 7 - 25 A • Breaking Capacity: 100 A – 400 A • Characteristic: Slow-Blow • Mounting : PCB,SMT • Dmissible Ambient Air Temp.: -55 °C to 90 °C • Soldering Methods: Reflow