JWL150 External Light

Sept. 16, 2022
Smart Vision Lights' JWL150 is compatible with many machine vision cameras.

Part of the Camera-to-Light series, the JWL150 external light delivers an intense, compact light source with an integrated camera mount. It is compatible with most major machine vision cameras and can be directly connected and controlled through a camera’s trigger output.


The JWL150 features a batwing design that illuminates a larger area than built-in lighting systems and produces a greater light output that easily combines with polarizers, diffusers, and other optical elements that reduce light output. The new JWL150 targets machine vision applications, with a particular focus on high-speed conveyors that require bright illumination at long, stand-off distances.


The IP65-rated bright field light features a working distance of 19.7 to 78.7 in. (500 to 2,000 mm), 10, 14, and 30-deg. lens options, and built-in Multi-Drive technology, which offers both continuous operation and OverDrive mode. In continuous operation mode, the JWL150 can provide constant light or be triggered following the camera’s exposure signal. OverDrive mode delivers up to 6 times the continuous power with a low-latency response and fast strobe durations.

  • Compatible with many machine vision cameras
  • Direct connect and control through camera's trigger output
  • Batwing design illuminates larger area than built-in lighting systems
  • Compact, integrated package made of robust aluminum
  • Mount camera directly to the light