GatorJaw SafetyWall Saves Time and Money

Dec. 13, 2008

The GatorJaw SafetyWall is the latest product available to facility managers and plant engineers to insure plant safety and security in the industrial workplace. This innovative and lightweight aluminum wall system is strong, easy to design and goes together quickly, saving time, labor, and most importantly payroll dollars.

Engineers can quickly build modular safety enclosures. Removable panels allow for movement of larger machinery and other materials in and out in minutes without entirely disassembling the enclosure. Partitions can be custom designed and sized to meet your needs.

The GatorJaw SafetyWall is based on the popular GatorJaw extrusions, released to the marketplace three years ago. GatorJaw is based on a simple aluminum extrusion. But the real uniqueness of GatorJaw is the one-piece fastener that allows quick and easy installation of extrusions and brackets, enabling engineers to build a limitless number of useful creations for the industrial workplace.

GatorJaw is not a T-slot, so gone are those troublesome nut inserts. The square-threaded fastener and matching threads running the length of all four sides of the extrusion enable quick assembly and adjustment.

The GatorJaw 175 extrusion serves as the basis for the GatorJaw Safety Wall. The modular, pre-fabricated panels are framed with the GatorJaw 100 extrusion and accommodate quarter-inch inserts of polycarbonate, acrylic, safety wire and other materials. Choose from assembly hardware options, including quick-release fasteners that allow you to remove panels quickly.

Threaded grooves running the length of every GatorJaw extrusion allow you to integrate custom features into the walls of the GatorJaw SafetyWall, including work benches, shelves and cabinets. These assemble quickly because the GatorJaw one-piece fastener is the basis for all construction. Build custom workspaces for employees inside the GatorJaw SafetyWall enclosure, or add workstations outside for exterior operations.

“We developed the GatorJaw SafetyWall so that it is easy to design and easy to assemble with just a handful of common tools,” said Duane McKinnon, president of GatorJaw. The one-piece fastener means fewer people are needed to assemble a system. You save time and labor dollars.”

The GatorJaw SafetyWall can be purchased in bulk quantities along with hardware, based on the needs of the project. All you need is a chop saw and your imagination to start building with GatorJaw. GatorJaw also has an in-house CAD design department and field representatives that can work with you to develop a fully customized, pre-cut system that arrives ready for installation.

Find out more about this exciting new development in industrial wall systems. Call GatorJaw at 800-960-1679, or visit the GatorJaw website at