Feb. 12, 2009
A selective black silicone-based heat resistant coating that is easy to apply to solar panels and withstands weather and repeated thermal cycling is being introduced by Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Massachusetts.Dampney Thurmalox® 250 Solar Collector Coating is formulated to selectively absorb greater than 90% of the sun’s visible and infrared wavelengths, which contain the most heat energy, depending upon the material and application.  Designed for flat panels, this coating is easy to apply, dries for handling in 30 mins., won’t peel or flake and withstands repeated thermal cycling.Capable of collecting more heat energy than conventional black paint, Dampney Thurmalox® 250 Solar Collector Coating is offered in 13 oz. aerosol cans, gallons, and drums for application by spray guns or brush.  Ideal for manufacturers, contractors and do-it-yourselfers, it resists UV degradation, is unaffected by heat and humidity, and exhibits no outgassing to 400°F.