DS-Series Couplings

March 13, 2009

The DS Series is different from any other coupling in the Helical coupling lineup; it is the only series to use a multi-start design. The DS Series has a “Double Start” flexure, which is where the designation “DS” is derived. Each flexure consists of two coils that start 180 degrees from each other so as to maximize parallel misalignment capability without sacrificing performance. Combining these flexures in this manner enables the coupling to operate at a high performance standard.


Outside diameters range from 3/4” to 2”. Shaft sizes can be from 4.78mm to 19.05mm and/or 0.188” to 0.75” (metric to metric, inch to inch, or metric to inch). These aluminum couplings (DSAC) can be used for high speed motion control systems, where fast response time is important. E.g., lead and ball screws, encoders/resolvers, and anywhere high torsional stiffness is required.


• High torsional stiffness

• Low radial loads

• Parallel misalignment capability

• Low inertia