CardView® Kanban Boards Keep J.I.T. Inventory Action-Points in View 24/7

March 12, 2009
In these difficult economic times, production managers in small and large companies are demanding maximum mileage from every scarce production-floor dollar by relying heavily on lean visible control boards like this series of CardView® J.I.T. Kanban boards from Magnatag® Visible Systems. "The Magnatag® Kanban is powerful for inventory," a Production Manager tells us. "We make a card for each item and when the items get low, the stock# and vendor is right there. This is a wonderful tool." To address various flow-through priority tracking uses, CardView® Kanban board kits come in 5 formats: Next-Job, Do-Done, On-Hand, Job-Load, Build-Board and in 5 sizes displaying from 60 to 828 kanban cards. Each board is ready-to-use with everything needed to operate it, including multi-colored Kanban cards in perforated sheets with a card-keying CD computer template and bright FlashSpot status labels. A New York production supervisor writes, "Our CardView® Kanban board system is critical on our production floor to keep work flowing smoothly, meet our production deadlines and keep our customers happy."