Fuel Tank Safety Caps

Oct. 1, 2009
The Protectoseal combination safety fill cap,flash arrester and pressure / vacuum reliefdevice is designed for installation in fuel tankopenings of gasoline or diesel-powered equipment.The flash arrester keeps a flame fromentering the tank, thereby preventing explosionof the confined vapors within the tank. Safetyfittings provide sufficient pressure relief to preventtank rupture and sufficient vacuum reliefto facilitate gas flow from the tank. Spring-loaded, self-closing cap protectsagainst evaporation losses.Available in various sizes formounting to standard 11/2”through 4” NPS and NPT maleand female fill pipe connections,quarter-turn, easy-on flange connections,as well as a variety ofcommon mechanical threads. Wide-opening hinge mechanism minimizes interference with nozzles,etc. during fill operations. Caps are die cast aluminum or cast brass construction. Each Fuel Tank Safety Cap is designed to accommodate an optionalperforated metal flash arrester screen which allows flow of liquid intothe tank during filling but prohibits entry of an external flame into theconnected fill pipe. Screen also serves as a strainer to prevent particulatematter from entering the tank minimizing fuel contamination. Vacuum relief is provided by a resealing vacuum breaker that controlsfugitive emissions at positive pressures below the relief setting. Padlock opening provides lockability to prevent theft or unauthorizedaccess. Use of padlock does not impair the automatic pressure reliefcapability of the spring loaded cap assembly. Perforated plated steel, replaceable arrester screens are available instraight and/or tapered configurations. Durable lead-free finish, color coded to indicate a specific industrystandard storage application: Red designates gasoline; Green designatesdiesel. Underwriters’ Laboratories Listed, Patent Pending Gasoline / fuel resistant fluoroelastomer compound gasket. Self-closing tension spring insures against leaving the tank openingexposed to atmosphere.