Dust Vacuum for Power Tools

Dec. 8, 2009
CDCLarue Industries is proud to introduce their first ever portable compact dust vacuum for hand tools, the Pulse-Bac® PB-550. It is ideal for collecting dust and debris generated by hand tools used to cut, grind or sand. Standing just 25” tall, and 16” in diameter, this lightweight portable dust vacuum is capable of generating over 121 cubic feet per minute of air flow, with 74” of lift, and is the first compact dust vacuum equipped with Pulse-Bac Automatic Self-Cleaning Vacuum Control Technology.  Our patented Pulse-Bac Technology allows the PB-550 to work for long extended periods of time without ever clogging the filters, resulting in increased productivity while providing a healthy and clean working environment when working with materials like drywall, lead paint, concrete, stone, wood, fiberglass, asbestos and any other dry noncombustible material.About PB-550:     The PB-550 advanced filter filtration system uses a two stage filtration process that puts you in compliance with the new 2010 E.P.A. mandatory standards for dust control when using power tools to cut, grind or sand. The first stage of filtration uses our easy to install twist on filters that are made from a non-woven Spun Bond Polyester material that is sprayed with a synthetic Teflon coating, capable of capturing dust particles as small as .5 micron. The 2nd stage filtration uses a Hepa certified filter that has undergone Leak testing and certification to meet E.P.A. standards. The 2nd stage Hepa filter is on the exhaust side and eliminates 99.97% of dust particles @.3 micron. The PB-550 will not only keep you in compliance with new E.P.A. standards, but our patented Pulse-Bac technology will decrease your Hepa filter replacement cost and keep you working till the job is done, without ever clogging the filters.   Weighing less than 30lbs and capable of holding up to 8 gallons of dust, the PB-550 can easily be moved from work truck to jobsite and back again. The easy to use pull handle allows the user to tip the PB-550 backwards and pull it across any terrain, and when not being moved sits securely in place. An optional three caster dolly is available. The PB-550 is equipped with a self-locking 20’ x 1.5” vacuum hose that locks into the vacuum inlet, thereby preventing the hose from being pulled out of the vacuum when in use. The powder coated 16 gauge steel, 8 gallon collection tank can be fitted with a 6 mil plastic bag for dust containment and removal, making the overall tank design maneuverable, easy to use and built to last. Operating on any standard 110 volt outlet, the PB-550 is ideal for use with any hand tool needing vacuum to capture and collect dust and debris generated in the construction or manufacturing process.