Digital Readout Breathes New Life into Manual CMMs

Dec. 15, 2009
The latest HEIDENHAIN ND 1400 QUADRA-CHEK digital readout (DRO) is designed specifically for manual coordinate measuring machines, and can capture two- and three-dimensional features with its measuring computer functionality.  This intuitive DRO with its color touchscreen interface is an especially useful retrofitting tool, offering the latest in computerized advances to older CMMs.The QUADRA-CHEK ND 1400 digital readout is now available exclusively through the global distribution network of HEIDENHAIN Corporation.  Previously known and sold by the HEIDENHAIN subsidiary, METRONICS, Inc., QUADRA-CHEK DROs continue to hold a top spot when supporting metrology systems, but will no longer carry the METRONICS name. The newest ND 1400 QUADRA-CHEK sports a new dark gray faceplate (see image) while maintaining all the great features of the recent past, including the QUADRA-CHEK brand name.   Many older CMMs are known to be in good mechanical condition, but are constrained by outdated software. This HEIDENHAIN ND 1400 QUADRA-CHEK, along with its large touchscreen, offers these CMMs the latest in today’s DRO technology.  And with its intuitive operating interface, operation is simple.  This DRO offers pre-defined features (point, line, circle, slot, rectangle, plane, cylinder, cone, sphere, distance and angle) within its system, and its “Measure Magic” function makes measurement especially easy.  This program selects the feature which best matches the shape implied by the points probed. For features such as cones, the screen displays the feature in three dimensions.  Also, the ND 1400 allows users to create or automatically record measuring programs for repeated same part measurements, graphically taking the user to the next measurement position during program run. Data interfaces on the ND 1400 are used to output measurement points as well as read and transmit settings, compensation values and programs.  An interface is available to communicate with a PC as well, and printers or memory media can be connected via a USB port.• Operating temperature - 0 °C to 45 °C