Lighting Lineup Additions

Feb. 8, 2022
Additions to K-Tool International's Lighting Lineup include two underhood lights, six work lights, a floodlight/spotlight, two wearables, and two flashlights.

Additions to the Lighting Lineup include telescoping underhood lights, work lights, a floodlight, headlamps, a flashlight with power bank, and a rechargeable UV pen light. The lighting line features lumen ranges from 200 and 2,000 lumens. These innovative, durable, and specific-purpose products improve performance for everyday use.


The lighting products are designed to maintain a lit working area where it may be naturally dim or hard to see. The product line additions include two underhood lights, six work lights, one floodlight/spotlight, two wearables, and two flashlights.

Underhood Lights

  • KTIXD5044C Telescoping Underhood Light features a low-profile design that uses less underhood space and is made from lightweight aluminum. With 1,400 lumens, it telescopes from 49 to 78 in. (124.5 to 198.1 cm) to fit wide hoods.
  • KTIXD5039C 3-in-1 Underhood Telescoping Light fits hood widths from 48 to 77 in. (121.9 to 195.6 cm) and has two detachable work lights with 1,500 lumens total. It can be folded to stand as a flood light.

Work Lights

  • KTIXD5251C Handheld Work Light with swivel and foldable hooks can alternate between 375 and 750 lumens. It features a compact and lightweight design with comfortable rubber grips.
  • KTIXD52848 Rechargeable Handheld Work Light features comfortable rubber grips with an easy access dimmer switch for five levels of brightness up to 750 lumens along with two convenient swivel and foldable hooks for multiple lighting positions.
  • KTIXD6174 Rechargeable Foldable Work Light has the brightness power for 600/300 lumens and is 180-deg. foldable. Its top light features a 270-deg. swivel.
  • KTIXD5040 Ultra-Thin Work Light features a magnetic swivel base assembly and a 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) thick body. It produces 400 or 200 lumens at full and half power.
  • KTIXD5534 650-Lumen COB Wireless Inductive Charging Work Light is dual-mode and features Chip-On-Board technology to provide a clear bright light with a wider illumination area than conventional LED lights.
  • KTIXD5535 650-Lumen COB Wireless Inductive Charging Swivel Work Light also features COB technology along with a 180-deg. pivoting magnetic base for flexible, hands-free usage along with a rotating hook.


  • KTIXD6299 Floodlight/Spotlight with a 180-deg. rotating magnetic base offers four different work modes including a 400-lumen spotlight mode and a 1,400-lumen high floodlight mode.


  • KTIXD Neck Light
  • KTIXD5555 Rechargeable 2,000 Lumens Headlamp can easily switch between five working modes and run for approximately 5.5 hours; it is IP65 water resistant.


  • KTIXD6132 Flashlight with Power Bank features a power bank function to recharge USB devices and an XM-L2 Cree white light.
  • KTIXD6301 Rechargeable UV Pen Light features a 3-watt UV light at 365-370 nm for leak detection. It is 4 in. (101.6 mm) long and includes a pocket clip for convenience.