D Series Serial Bus System for Automation & Motion Control Offers Convenience

Jan. 22, 2010
ROSS CONTROLS® is pleased to announce the release of its D Series Serial Bus system for fieldbus communication and I/O modules. These easily programmable units support the widely used MODBUS TCP and DEVICENETTM protocols and require no internal wiring for simple assembly. The ROSS D Series Serial Bus system offers many benefits, including the flexibility of plug together assembly for convenient modular manifold construction. The units are designed for ease-of-use and provide one set of wires to a valve bank. When the bank is remotely located, this design can prevent unnecessarily long wiring runs back to the main control panel. This saves wiring set up time and also eases any troubleshooting efforts. For maximum design flexibility, the ROSS D Series Serial Bus communication module offers an extended range of I/O points. It provides various combinations of up to 352 digital outputs, 256 digital inputs, 16 analog outputs and 16 analog inputs. This allows one communication module to control up to 352 output devices or to receive input from up to 256 devices. The broad control ability contained in this one communication module allows users to save time otherwise spent on procuring and wiring up additional units. The modules’ SD card configuration also allows the operator to make quick revisions to production programs with its convenient change-out capacity. If saving money and space are an issue, the D Series offers features that are convenient, efficient and which provide ample cost savings. For instance, because most competitors offer only eight digital input or output (I/O) modules, ROSS’ combined eight digital input and output modules save money and space because they are virtually two units in one. ROSS’ 16 digital I/O high-density unit offers even more input points, saving set up time otherwise incurred from installing multiple units. The ROSS D Series Serial Bus system is an excellent solution for many applications including the- Welding- Clamping- Packaging- Forming- General Industrial Motion Control