The GOpher Delivers - Full Featured, Self Propelled, Material Cart

April 2, 2010
The Gopher combines several good ideas into one simple and versatile machine. It’s compact and agile yet powerful. The genius of this design originates in bringing two basic cart styles together. The traditional 4 wheeled cart has often had some type of self propulsion added to lessen the work load for workers who must move materials around large facilities. The 6 wheel cart or “truck” was developed because the more familiar 4 wheel configuration was just too clumsy. The long turn radius of a 4 wheel design meant that smaller carts were needed when passage ways and work areas had limited space. The 6 wheel design shortened the turn radius by half. Enter the Gopher by ERGOdynamics. The Gopher combines both designs into one by utilizing two separate frames connected by one pivot point called a trunnion. By adding propulsion to one axle on the trunnion component you now have a fully self propelled cart. ERGOdynamics calls this new system a Trunnion Drive System or TDS. The TDS is a fully functional 4 wheel cart on it own. Now add the extra 2 casters and a frame work for the full length cart. This is the secondary cart frame and it is connected to the primary TDS frame something like a trailer. This combination provides an amazing and useful self propelled cart. It turns on it center axis so the turn radius is HALF that of similar 4-wheel carts and its load carrying capacity is increased by 50%! The basic Gopher is capable of a 3000 lb. payload. That’s a full 1.5 ton carrying capacity, yet it requires only ounces of physical force to steer and maneuver it. Now that’s some great ergonomic value. Here’s the best part; NO TEETERING! The Gopher keeps all wheels on the ground at all times. This makes it perfect for transporting high value or heavy payloads over uneven and differing floor surfaces. Move from concrete to asphalt to compacted gravel and back with ease. This increases worker safety and productivity in many work environments.