June 7, 2010
UltraChrome, an extension to the FormulaX LiquidMetals Colors™ line of products, creates visual excitement with a luxurious mirror-like finish that teases the traditional boundaries between polished aluminum, chrome and plastic materials.UltraChrome is molded throughout the part to assure a scratch-resistant finish and piece-to-piece uniformity.  Unlike secondary vacuum metalizing and painting processes which are easily scratched and chipped, the molded-in finish retains its reflectivity and elegance.  Since UltraChrome masterbatch is dispersed throughout the part bond strength is not compromised for laminated parts.  Vibrant, high-end UltraChrome masterbatch can be used with polyolefins and a variety of engineered resins.“Ampacet’s proprietary new UltraChrome masterbatch catapults plastic into a new visual presence and category—as a durable, recyclable, single-step molding and decorating material with eye catching reflective properties that will not chip or scratch off.  Applications can include packaging, cosmetic components, household accessories, consumer appliances, automotive aftermarket products, and more,” explains Doug Brownfield, Strategic Business Manager.The premium reflective masterbatch offers a substantially lower cost alternative to vacuum metalizing and painting—with a significant reduction in production-to-market cycle time and cost—since there is no need to outsource finishing, or to transport products to an off-sight  facility for secondary processing.  In addition, the single-step molding process eliminates the VOC and carbon emissions that occur in secondary painting operations.