Nylon Foam Sheets Mold Into Simple or Highly-Complex Shapes

Aug. 31, 2010
Pres-On is bringing manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to silicone foam with its introduction of its new N3000, a lightweight, closed cell, cross linked foam based on Nylon 6. It is offered in 39" x 78" sheets in thicknesses ranging from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch, and can be specified with or without an acrylic adhesive.Pres-On N3000 exhibits outstanding structural rigidity, even at higher temperatures, allowing it to be easily fabricated into simple or highly-complex shapes for such products as automotive and industrial seals, gaskets or thermal insulation that require both high temperature tolerance plus chemical resistance.Key to N3000's success is its heat resistance. Independent testing demonstrated virtually no shrinkage (>5%) when exposed for 24-hours to temperatures up to 210° C (410° F). In addition, it meets the strict flammability requirements of FMV33 302. Its closed cell structure acts as a barrier to condensation, an important feature for customers employing N3000 as either a hot or cold thermal insulation.For a free sample, call Pres-On at 800.690.8025 or email [email protected].