IronHorse™ General Purpose DC Motors

Jan. 12, 2011
IronHorse electric motors are manufactured by a leading motor supplier with over 20 years experience delivering high-quality motors to the demanding U.S. market. Our supplier produces these permanent magnet DC motors in an ISO9001 facility which tests the electric motors during production and after final assembly. This is how we can stand behind our IronHorse permanent magnet reversible DC motors with a two-year warranty.
Available in TENV or TEFC depending on model
NEMA 56C flange mount
Rolled steel shell frame / cast aluminum end bell
Removable base
Space-saving design
Large brushes for longer brush life
Easy access to DC motor brushes (DC motors ship with one set of 
brushes installed and one set of spare brushes in the box)
Large easy-to-wire junction box with rubber gasket
Heavy duty oversized ball bearings
High tensile strength steel shaft
Large easy to read nameplate
Electrically reversible
Class F winding insulation
Service Factor: 1.0
Two year warranty
cCSAus certified, CE