TurboTorch® Rolling Tote - THERMADYNE INDUSTRIES

Jan. 12, 2011

TurboTorch® has introduced a stylish, durable and lightweight tote for HVAC and plumbing professionals that will store and transport essentials needed on the jobsite like no other comparable product.

Mounted on rollers, with a telescopic pull handle that allows the owner to roll a heavy bag filled with an acetylene B tank and equipment, as well as a durable lifting handle, the TurboTorch tote has convenient portability that will enable the worker to go anywhere, and a durable metal framework that will hold up under the toughest work conditions.  It is designed large enough to accommodate an acetylene “B” tank.   
The tote is constructed with a wide stable base and metal framework.  It also features multiple pockets specially designed to hold every necessary piece of equipment, such as alloys, tips and handles. There is even a metal sleeve for hot tip storage, an adjustable security strap to secure the tote in a vehicle and easy storage of a gas hose.

The TurboTorch tote comes as a kit with a durable tote case, a self-lighting #8 size tip, a #3 tip, a torch handle, a TurboTorch regulator and a 12-ft. hose.
“We spent several years getting insight from HVAC and plumbing wholesalers and professionals about what they needed and wanted in a product of this nature,” said Paul Minter, General Manager of TurboTorch. “Every aspect of this tote was designed with their preferences in mind.  There has never been anything as comprehensively customized for their industries, and we are positive that it will become a standard in the marketplace.”

  • durable and lightweight tote
  • will store and transport essentials needed on the jobsite
  • telescopic pull handle