Rugged Warehouse Rack Protectors

March 24, 2017
Rugged structural steel designs allow users to choose from three levels protection to guard warehouse rack from fork truck impact.

New family of structural steel end-of-aisle rack protectors to guard against fork truck impact at rack aisle corners in busy storage facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.


  • Wilgard XT Rack Protectors are extra tough and have been designed for heavy-duty rack protection in high traffic areas.
  • Wilgard MT Rack Protectors are designed for medium-duty rack protection and can provide an adequate barrier to forklift impact in everyday use.
  • Wilgard LT Rack Protectors are intended for lighter-duty rack protection and provide a low-cost alternative to no rack protection at all.



Features & Benefits

  • Made-in-USA quality increases safety in warehouses and distribution centers
  • Helps avoid rack repairs, injury from falling materials, and costly downtime
  • Withstands fork truck impacts to rack uprights and avoids damage to expensive inventory
  • XT, MT, and LT designs permit user to choose the level of protection their budget allows
  • Available as individual “Right-” or “Left-Side” rack protectors, or as a unitized “Double-Headed” protector that guards the entire rack width
  • Quick and easy to install with the included anchor bolts