Die Storage Gas Springs

Jan. 22, 2015

DADCO’s new 90.10 DS Series is designed with a reduced rate of return, making it an ideal choice for die storage. These models are a direct replacement for traditional die storage components and do not need to be removed from the die before installation into the press. Offered in three sizes the 90.10DS.3000, 90.10DS.5000 and 90.10DS.7500 are directly interchangeable with ISO 3000-7500 models.

Only a small portion of the 90.10 DS total stroke is engaged during each cycle. When compared to a standard gas spring used in die storage applications, the 90.10 DS returns at a moderated speed, ultimately resulting in lower operating temperature, reduced wear on the press components and long spring life.  DADCO recommends using 90.10 DS cylinders in each corner of a die for equal balance distribution and separation.

  • offered in three sizes