Digital Sales Platform for Manufacturers

Dec. 14, 2022
In Mind Cloud’s sales platform integrates CPQ, CRM, and e-commerce solutions to form a stable foundation for manufacturers to digitalize their sales.

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

In Mind Cloud’s digital sales platform meets the unique challenges and complexities of the manufacturing sales environment by integrating powerful CPQ, CRM, and e-commerce solutions that form a stable foundation for manufacturers to digitalize their sales environment. In Mind Cloud’s sales platform covers the complete sales process from customer inquiry (e-commerce) to sales engagement (CRM), quoting (CPQ) straight to production online in a single central system.


Purpose-built for manufacturing sales; the platform's innovative design makes things work more efficiently for all internal stakeholders. At its core, it transforms the quoting process by enabling the automated organization and retrieval of vast and complex ERP data to create error-free quotes within minutes. This is a dramatic change from a process that historically took days or weeks. 


With powerful real-time ERP data, sales teams are enabled to accurately calculate costs, ensuring that desirable margins can be achieved. The platform also becomes a single point for all stakeholders from different departments or even countries, to collaborate seamlessly. Task management, automated workflows, and approvals are integrated into one platform to help teams work together and sell seamlessly. 


The Digital Sales Platform from In Mind Cloud can not only transform the sales process and the way manufacturers sell, but just as important, the way customers buy. Empowered by a powerful sales channel, and a well-managed customer-facing ecosystem, a manufacturing business can find itself primed and ready for business growth, success, and most importantly, a rapidly changing future.