PalletWorks 2.0 Tracking & Labeling Software for End-of-Line Production

Aug. 2, 2023
Cybertrol Engineering's tracking and labeling software communicates and integrates with your ERP to automate your end-of-line packaging process.

PalletWorks 2.0 is a fully integrated tracking and labeling software solution that helps manufacturers automate end-of-line tasks to eliminate human error. PalletWorks is a subscription-based SaaS platform that intelligently bridges the gap between the manufacturing floor and the ERP system.


The web-based portal is the primary means of operation and is designed to be used on an industrial tablet or PC. It not only records, tracks, and labels items on a manufacturing line as they are loaded onto pallets but also allows operators to bulk edit information and reprint labels before transferring data to the ERP.

  • Records, tracks, and labels items on a manufacturing line as they are loaded on pallets
  • Allows bulk editing and label reprints before data transfer to the ERP
  • Provides a customizable and operator-friendly web-based portal, accessible from industrial tablets on the floor as well as back-office PCs
  • Leverages HMI screens to highlight hardware statuses
  • Integrates easily into any modern control system or manufacturing environment
  • Cybertrol Engineering offers 24/7 / 365 support for PalletWorks, including remote monitoring, diagnostics, and troubleshooting
  • User interface can be configured to use terms familiar to your organization
  • Data can be visible or hidden to focus an operator's attention
  • Production workflows can be customized with configuration options
  • Integration triggers with the ERP can be set and automated
  • Continuously records and validates production data in real time
  • Collects an inventory of items on a pallet
  • Communicates with ERP systems for seamless data flow
  • Generates feedback reports on production output
  • Ensures labels are accurate, properly applied, and can be machine scanned
  • Manages order fulfillment during production runs
  • Identifies production errors as they occur on the line