Tools & PPE to Keep Your Workers Productive and Safe

June 17, 2022
From hand and cutting tools to the latest personnel gear, check out our list of tools and safety equipment designed for modern operations.

Is there anything more important than creating a safe and efficient workplace? These products can be a valuable asset for workers looking to simplify their work and stay safe while doing it. With products from companies like Milwaukee Tool, Keen Utility, and Snap-on Tools, check out our list that we've compiled to keep you up to date on the latest industry solutions.

Check out the NED Directory for even more new equipment!

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Material Handling & Packaging

The Latest Solutions for Lifting and Handling

June 10, 2022
Keep your operation up to date with fresh new conveyors, hoists, lift tables, and more!
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Top Robotic Equipment for Facility Efficiency

June 3, 2022
From palletizers to cleaning robots, we've compiled a list of eight diverse robotic products designed to automate your facility.
Softing Inc.
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Controls & Instrumentation

Valuable Equipment for Inspection, Measurement, and Testing at Your Facility

May 27, 2022
The following instruments perform critical functions for a variety of applications during industrial production.
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Eight Products for All Your Sensing Needs

May 20, 2022
Ideal for a range of applications, we've compiled a list of the latest industrial sensors, detectors, and transducers on the market.