Hybrid, Stepper-Based Actuators

Jan. 8, 2021
has an output force of up to 1,001 N

ElectroCraft has recently expanded the AxialPower Enhanced Series of Linear Actuators to include a high-performance 42 mm (NEMA 17) frame size. This linear actuator is highly configurable and available with a variety of imperial or metric leadscrew options with resolutions ranging from 0.006 to 0.050 mm per step, with an incredible output force of up to 1,001 N (225 lb.). The APES 17 offers 40% more force than competitive size 17 designs.

ElectroCraft hybrid stepper-based linear actuators provide original equipment manufacturers the precision, performance, and reliability that is needed for a wide variety of motion control positioning applications. From medical and laboratory equipment to industrial machinery, ElectroCraft offers configurable to completely customizable solutions in three unique product designs: linear actuator (non-captive), leadscrew motor (external linear) or guided linear actuator (captive). 

ElectroCraft's unique motor, shaft, and insert designs offer industry-leading linear force per frame size while providing precision, speed, and efficiency. These actuators are ideal for a wide variety of medical and laboratory applications including precision metering pumps, mass spectrometers, gas & liquid chromatography systems, medical imaging systems, sample handling, and dispensing systems, allowing equipment manufacturers to reduce product footprints while significantly increasing performance.

ElectroCraft's AxialPower family of linear actuator products are available in the most popular frame sizes, including 28 mm (NEMA 11), 42 mm (NEMA 17), 56 mm (NEMA 23), and 86 mm (NEMA 34).