Intelligent Battery Pack

Dec. 15, 2020

NexSys PURE PACK battery and on-board charger system consist of the latest generation of NexSys PURE Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries, combined with an integrated Delta-Q on-board charger and Wi-iQ battery monitoring device. This all-inclusive solution provides a predictable and reliable power source with the flexibility to fast or opportunity charge from the convenience of any 110V standard power outlet and the intelligence to capture a range of key operating data to help ensure peak battery performance and dependability.

­The company’s latest generation of NexSys PURE batteries features an advanced carbon additive in the TPPL chemical composition, providing increased cycle life and higher energy throughput for a wide variety of industrial and commercial vehicle applications. As a result of their proprietary design, they deliver robust, hassle-free power without the restrictive upkeep requirements of watering, equalizing, and battery changing tied to conventional flooded lead-acid batteries.

Designed to complement the latest NexSys PURE battery charging profile, the Delta-Q onboard charger plugs into any AC socket for more flexible charging and higher productivity. The added convenience of safe, fast, and efficient recharging can help reduce application downtime while eliminating the need for dedicated charging areas. The high-performance Delta-Q IC650 charger is specifically programmed and calibrated to deliver a proprietary algorithm for NexSys PURE battery storage capabilities, maximizing energy throughput.

To ensure proper battery charging and discharging, the Wi-iQ monitoring device tracks State of Charge (SOC), discharge and charge current, as well as battery temperature and voltage. The Wi-iQ battery monitoring device installs directly on the battery harness and communicates via Bluetooth to remote battery sensors, enabling a clean, comprehensive data collection method. The sensors provide a continuous wireless data stream that is processed and stored by the Wi-iQmonitoring device. Available for Android and iOS operating systems on smartphones or tablets, the E Connect smart app allows users to collect and share the Wi-iQ battery monitoring device and charger data via the cloud.