New Supercapacitors, Microcontrollers, and Mechanical Power Products Available From Suppliers

April 11, 2024
RS Americas, Mouser Electronics, and New Yorker Electronics are now offering new products from Lenze, Bison Gear, Dichtomatik, NXP Semiconductors, and Knowles Corporation.

Mouser Shipping NXP Semiconductors' MCX Microcontrollers for Motor Control, Machine Learning

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the MCX industrial and IoT microcontrollers (MCUs) from NXP Semiconductors. These MCUs are high-performance, low-power microcontrollers with intelligent peripherals and accelerators for secure, intelligent motor control and machine-learning applications.

NXP has two series: the MCX N series and the MCX A series. The MCX N series is all about power and security. They're powered by Arm Cortex-M33 CPUs, with hardware-accelerated peripherals, communications, and signal processing for scalability and easy development. Plus, they've got built-in security features to keep your data safe. Certain MCX N devices include NXP’s eIQ Neutron neural processing unit (NPU) for machine learning applications.

The MCX A series is more about flexibility and efficiency. They're perfect for smaller projects because they're scalable and low-power. Designed to support more GPIO pins for additional external connections and operating up to 96 MHz with high levels of analog integration, the series has a wide range of peripherals, including timers delivering three complementary pulse width manipulation (PWM) pairs with deadband insertion, (4Msps 12-bit ADC) with hardware windowing and averaging features. The MCX A series delivers functionality that sustains high utilization of I/O and power efficiency with a simple supply circuit in a smaller footprint.

NXP Semiconductors FRDM-MCXN947 and FRDM-MCXA153 Fast Retrieval and Data Manipulator (FRDM) development boards are low-cost, compact, and scalable development platforms for rapid prototyping using the MCUXpresso development tools.

The FRDM-MCXN947 features the MCX N series used for a wide range of applications with high levels of integration, on-chip accelerators, intelligent peripherals, and advanced security. The FRDM-MCXA153 features the MCX A series with scalable device options, low power, and intelligent peripherals.

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RS Adds 3 New Mechanical Power Transmission Suppliers

Lenze, Bison Gear (AMETEK), and Dichtomatik mechanical power transmission solutions have been added to RS Americas' inventory.

Lenze is all about top-notch automation, making motion control gear for machines, providing everything from motors to cloud software, with over 75 years of experience backing them up. Plus, Lenze is a big believer in Industry 4.0, helping save resources and cut CO2 emissions.

Bison Gear (AMETEK), which combines AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions and Bison Gear and Engineering Corporation, is known for its durable power transmission products, including fluid-moving, fractional, and integral horsepower AC and DC gearmotors and parallel gearboxes. Bison caters to all sorts of industries with over a century of design and application know-how.

Dichtomatik is a Freudenberg Group company that designs and develops a wide range of reliable sealing products and solutions that satisfy common safety and performance standards for moderately demanding applications, including mechanical power transmission systems, hydraulic systems, pumps, drive technology, and wind power systems. Backed by Freudenberg Group's 175 years of expertise, they deliver quality seals without breaking the bank.

To learn more about these suppliers and their products, click the links above or contact your local RS representative at (866) 433-5722.

3-Cell Supercapacitors Now Available From New Yorker Electronics

New Yorker Electronics, a franchise distributor for Knowles' Cornell Dubilier, has Knowles' newest 3-cell supercapacitors for sale.

The Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) modules are based on Knowles’ Cornell Dubilier brand DGH and DSF Series supercapacitors, using a 3-cell package for higher operating voltages and printed circuit board (PCB) space savings. That large capacity makes it possible to support brief power interruptions, supplement batteries, or even be used in place of batteries in many applications.

The supercapacitors offer a jump in voltage rating over typical radial-mount supercapacitors, up to 9 WVDC. A key feature is the 3-cell radial-leaded package. Compared to single or dual-cell supercapacitors, the design saves space and allows for much higher operating voltages, making them ideal for a wider range of applications. Both series include capacitance values from 0.33 to 5 Farads. Multiple devices can be banked for even higher capacitance or voltage.

These supercapacitors are ideal for applications including solar and wind energy harvesting, mechanical actuators, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), EV transportation power, smart utility meters, IoT, pulse battery pack alternatives, memory backup, battery/capacitor hybrids, UPS systems, emergency lighting, LED power, solar lighting or anywhere that significant energy storage is needed.

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