Compact Blast Machine for Aluminum Parts

Aug. 6, 2018
New batch-type spinner-hanger wheel-blast system "excels at descaling, deburring/deflashing, and cleaning"

WHEELABRATOR introduced a compact blast machine designed specifically for aluminum applications. The SPH-2-3/8 is based on the batch-type spinner-hanger wheel blast concept, and "excels at descaling, deburring/deflashing and cleaning of a variety of aluminum parts.”

The new SPH spinner hanger has two blast chambers that form two halves of a cylinder rotating around the vertical axis. This makes it possible for operators to maintain simultaneous loading/unloading and blasting, which results in a more efficient use both of space and of the two blast wheels.

Design engineers based the new machine on a previous SPH series model developed for a broader range of applications and therefore required heavier construction. By matching the new SPH-2-3/8 to the needs of aluminum applications, a lighter and slimmer design could be achieved.

At the same time, blast power and abrasive throughput have been increased considerably — total abrasive throughput was increased from 174 kg/min to 300 kg/min. This change in performance is due to the SPH-2-3/8’s two, state-of-the-art TITAN 14.3 blast wheels (double disk, eight blades, wear parts made of tool steel), which achieve better blast results faster, thanks to their higher input power and blast power.

“Aluminum applications are on the rise and the launch of this new machine reflects that. Its compact design will suit tightly structured aluminum production environments, including cell layouts,” according to Stanislav Venclik, v.p. - Portfolio Development. “It can accommodate a variety of workpieces while still achieving superior process efficiency and seamless integration into the flow of production. In addition to this, the team has made a number of tweaks to further improve machine reliability and uptime.”

The SPH-2-3/8 spinner hanger blast cleaning machine features a pitless design for fast installation (and mobility), as well as a compact footprint of less than 1.5X1.5 m.

The hanger carrying the workpieces has a height of 800 mm, with a maximum envelope circle diameter of the loaded hanger of 300 mm. The maximum load is 150 kg per hanger.
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