Optrel Inc.
Optrel P550 Welding Helmet

Customizable Welding Helmet

March 4, 2013
Personalize Optrel's P550 helmet with images, text, and graphics on a clean, sleek, European design with adjustable sensors.

Editor's Note: The original, customizable P550 welding helmet from Optrel is discontinued. Optrel does offer an updated P550 helmet without the customization feature. (Updated 9/21/23)

OPTREL released its new p550 all-purpose welding helmet for professional or occasional welders, calling it a “top of the line” design with performance standards typical of Swiss precision technology. Optrel specializes in manufacturing automatic darkening filters used in welding protection products, as well as in medical protection glasses.

The p550 introduces a new side cover concept, which allows a welder to upload personal images, text, and graphics online, and then receive interchangeable snap-on side panels that can be placed on the helmet as desired.

“We recognize that welders enjoy the opportunity to personalize their helmets in the same way we all personalize our workspaces and work environments every day,” according to Jason Lague, president of Optrel USA. “With the new p550, the opportunities are endless to easily add corporate logos or even images of friends or family or favorite places. As long as you own the digital image, you can upload it online and we will send you swappable side covers you can take on and off as you see fit.

“The advantage is you maintain the uniquely clean, sleek, European design of the Optrel welding helmet with the opportunity to customize the side panels to suit your individual tastes. It’s the best of both worlds, and it's easy and inexpensive to do,” he said.

Uploading graphics (visit www.customization.optrelusa.com) is easy, and welders can integrate text with images to create a customized design. Then, Optrel will mail the side panels so the customers can snap them on (and off) the P550.

The p550 also offers several features and performance benefits to the welder, including:

  • The sensitivity of the sensors can be adapted to the welding process and operating environment.
  • The optimized front cover lens offers reliable protection from splash and weld smoke.
  • Thanks to the adjustable opening delay, welders can select the time for switching from dark to light.
  • The enlarged LCD gives the Optrel p550 range a comfortable field of vision.
  • Optimized weight distribution and adjustable headband make it comfortable to wear.

Visit https://www.optrel.com/en/