DANFORGE+ is an “off-line”, multi-function program designed specifically to be managed and used by the machine operator via desktop HMI.

Open Automation for Open-Die Process

March 8, 2017
DANFORGE+ offers complete co-ordination between press and manipulators, for fully integrated control Assesses material, temps, shape, etc. Multiple modules Continuous resource for updates

DANIELI BREDA has developed DANFORGE+, a process technology platform dedicated to the control and automation of open-die forging plants. It is an open automation system that provides complete co-ordination between press and manipulators allowing full integrated controls for highest productivity and repeatability of forging cycle considering the limits dictated by the type of material, working temperature, geometrical shape of work piece and dies.

DANFORGE+ consists of a series of different modules, each with a specific function in providing technological data and technological functions:
•  DFORM For a given ingot and final size it calculates the optimum sequence for forging based on most suitable forging strategies, defining time, energy, costs for the process, all necessary data for determning process feasibility, time calculation, and cost evaluation.
•  MTUNE On the basis of a typical product, or set of products, Mtune calculates the performances achievable with different machine parameterization. It is a function that becomes necessary for defining the best choices in terms of layout, machine parameters, for simulations in case of revamping or new equipment.
•  PROG-DES Is the tool that creates a forging schedule to be downloaded and run on the forging automation system. It creates a bridge from simulation to real operation.
•  SIMUPASS simulates the open-die forging process in order to provide feedback on machine motions and allow the process designer to check, modify, and fine-tune the most critical operations.
•  DIEDES, integrated with CAD functions, manages tooling design and creates/maintains the set of tools to be used in the forge shop.
•  PLOT provides output data of the modules in graphics that allow comparison of different options.
•  HMI is the actual interface for press operator with the machine’s automation; it is a subset of all the functions, installed on the press operator’s desktop.
•  AUTOMA This function runs on the logic controller, bridging the knowledge and resource “power” of the upper level of automation with the operating force of the forging equipment.
•  Q-PRED With an embedded, FEA module, this function predicts deformation levels and the microstructure of forged pieces.

DANFORGE is basically an “off-line” program, designed specifically to be managed and used by the machine operator. The production and process experience of Danieli Breda provides a continuous resource for updating DANFORGE calculation algorithms, providing forging operators with a very wide range of possible applications. Learn more at www.danieli.com