The VA-L 500 is powered by a 32-HP, frequency controlled drive motor, with a 800-3,400 RPM speed range, and a servo-driven downfeed with an adjustable rate from 0.39 in./sec to 19.6 in./sec.

High-Performance Circular Cold Saw

Dec. 28, 2016
Servo-driven VA-L 500 for high-accuracy production cutting of aluminum, nonferrous materials Frequency-controlled main drive system Adjustable cutting speeds Automatic blade/material separation

BEHRINGER SAWS INC., manufacturers of high-quality bandsaws, circular saws, and plate sawing systems, added the VA-L 500 to its line of high-performance circular cold saws. Behringer Eisele GmbH designed the VA-L 500 sawing system specifically for production cutting of aluminum and nonferrous materials. With a frequency-controlled main drive system and adjustable cutting speeds, the VA-L 500 can saw the full range of aluminum alloys and other nonferrous materials in solids, thin-walled pipes, and profiles.

“Our VA-L series features a heavy-duty design, state-of-the-art drive technology used in the feed axis and main drive system, and an extremely rigid, ultra-precise saw spindle bearing,” commented Joe Suydam, inside sales and marketing manager at Behringer Saws.

The VA-L 500 saw comes standard with a 32-HP, frequency controlled drive motor with 800-3400 RPM speed range and a servo-driven downfeed with an adjustable rate from 0.39 in./sec to 19.6 in./sec, to ensure the fastest possible cut times. The fully automatic high-performance circular cold saw has a cutting range of 6.0 in. (152 mm) for round materials or 6x6 in. (152x152 mm) for square materials at 90° using a carbide-tipped circular saw blade with a diameter of 19.6 in. (500 mm).

With a robust design latest drive technology in the feed axis and stiff saw blade guiding, the VA-L 500 ensures optimal, low-vibration sawing with high-performance cutting and high-quality surface finishes.

An automatic blade/material separation feature guarantees a free return of the saw blade, reducing blade damage and resulting in high quality material finishes. An NC-controlled gripper feed unit, driven by a servomotor, ball screw spindle, and encoder with a single-stroke capacity of 39.3 in., ensures quick and precise movement of material.

A lift-and-shift device for material feed, a standard feature of the VA-L 500 saw, ensures the material is lifted slightly over the material support table, enabling the material to be “freely” fed without touching the material table and clamping jaws, eliminating damage to the surface of the material. Furthermore, to reduce buildup of chips and scratching of material, a blowing device rapidly removes chips from the clamping area, providing a clean material clamping surface area and unobstructed material flow for increased service life. Also standard on the VA-L 500 is a material disposal/discharge unit featuring a support plate and a sorting chute that moves trim/remnants and parts into two separate areas.

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