The synthetic formulation of AirForge 4500 controls heat transfer between hot tools and workpieces, thereby reducing build-up and promoting clean forgings.

Water-Soluble Synthetic Die Lubricant

Aug. 6, 2015
Efficient separation and lubrication for hot forming, full-flood application Forms film to control heat transfer Solubility reduces build-up Glass coating release agents

OELHELD U.S. is introducing AirForge 4500 is a reliable die lubricant with efficient separation and lubricating properties. The product is particularly well suited for use on Hatebur presses (hot forming), and applications where full-flood lubrication is needed.

On contact with hot surfaces, AirForge 4500 forms a film that controls the heat transfer between the tool and the work piece. The solubility of the fluid guarantees reduced build-up on dies and presses, and ensures clean forgings.

AirForge lubricants are a family of glass coating products that are offered for forgers engaged in increasingly sophisticated and complex processes where environmentally friendly and yet reliably effective release agents are required. Oelheld is a lubricant specialist that develops new products in partnership with manufacturers and research universities.