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Lightweight Transmitter for Overhead Handling

Nov. 21, 2011
Comfort, durability and flexibility combined
The MLTX2 transmitter portable but configurable via USB connection, and offers informative graphics and two-way feedback.

MAGNETEK INC. recently introduced the Telemotive MLTX2 bellybox transmitter for material handling, offering users a lightweight, comfortably contoured case that presents an informative graphic display and provides two-way feedback.

The MLTX2 transmitter is available in several frequency options, including 400MHz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz. It can be combined with one of Magnetek’s radio receivers to provide a radio control system custom-built to users’ specifications.

“Our new MLTX2 transmitter offers users a number of feature-rich options that enhance productivity and safety,” stated Magnetek director of radio controls Ben Stoller. “You are able to configure the new MLTX2 on a Windows PC with our Radio Control Programmer (RCP). Uploading new programming in the field is easy with a USB connection. An optional graphic display keeps the operator informed of system status at all times, and makes configuring system settings simple. Two-way feedback, another new option, provides information such as machine related parameters, engine diagnostic information, and Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI).” Magnetek supplies digital power and motion control systems for overhead material handling, elevator, and energy delivery systems, and is North America’ largest supplier of digital drive systems for industrial cranes, hoists, and monorails.