New Products: Air Flow Control Technology, ...

June 1, 2006
Also, Jet Impingement Furnace, Three-Axis Pneumatic Lift, and more
Air Flow Control Technology

BILSOM has improved its popular Viking series of noise-blocking earmuffs, incorporating patented air-flow control technology (AFC) and delivering optimal attenuation across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight. Multi-position headbands give workers the flexibility to wear their earmuffs over the head, behind the head, or under the chin, allowing them to be worn with hard hats, face shields, respirators, and other PPE. The dual-headband design with inner ventilated band is for better positioning and breatheability. The non-deforming outer headband minimizes pressure on the head. The improved attached elastic headband strap provides additional comfort, helping to ensure attenuation when earmuffs are work in other over-the-head positions.

Jet Impingement Furnace

SECO/WARWICK's jet heating furnace for heat-treating aluminum was awarded a patent in February. The design is centered on a production furnace that looks and operates like a conventional mass-flow convection furnace, but has the heating rate, heating rate uniformity, and temperature uniformity for short cycle solutions. The fan design and implementation of jet impingement heat transfer improves the heating rate. Development will continue on uniformity of heating rate in a conventional mass flow.

Three-Axis Pneumatic Lift

LPI LIFT SYSTEMS' new three-axis pneumatic lift is designed for use in harsh-duty environments, such as blasting media. The compact unit size occupies minimal floor space and provides a sturdy platform with a lift capacity of 350 lbs. The LP5B is equipped with self-closing gates and convenient controls. The lift positioning hand controls the Z-axis up and down; the Y-axis controls the extension and retraction of the platform; and the X-axis controls the left and right movements.

Powerwash Cleaner

CORTEC's VpCl-417 Powerwash Cleaner cleans and protects machined forgings in one step, using its advanced green chemistry. Specially designed as a low-temperature, low-foam cleaner, its heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing action removes machining lubricants, hydrocarbon soils, buffing compound, and metal filings from finished parts by rinsing away and leaving no residual films, particles, or chips. The special corrosion inhibitors protect parts for up to three months. The built-in corrosion inhibitor eliminates a separate set of processing tanks for corrosion protection applications.

Biostable Polymer Quenchant for Steel Alloys

HOUGHTON INTERNATIONAL's Aqua-Quench 245 is specifically-formulated for induction hardening and immersion quenching of high-hardenablility steel alloys and other applications that require a slower heat extraction rate. Aqua-Quench 245 is a polyalkylene glycol-based polymer quenchant formulated to be resistant to microbial degradation (when contaminated pre-heat treatment processing fluids are carried on parts into the quench tank), extending the life of the fluid. It doesn't leave a deposit on quenched parts or cause a sticky buildup on equipment and contains a nitride-free corrosion inhibitor that protects inductors, limit switches, quench tanks, pipes, and fittings.

Toroidal Rolling Bearings

SKF's Carb toroidal roller bearings serve as non-locating bearings in large electric motors (125 hp+), accommodate heavy radial loads, and compensate for misalignment. Suitable for both coupled and belted loads, they are self-aligning and can adjust for axial expansion of the shaft internally. Long self-guiding rollers maximize load capacity. Carb bearings come in a variety of sizes and are available with seals and optional cages.

Hot-Water Pressure Washer

HOTSY introduces its Super Skid HHS series of diesel-powered hot-water pressure washers with gallons per minute (GPM) rates from 4.8 to 9.5 GPM of flow volume. Cleaning power ranges from 2,500 to 3,200 psi of water pressure, rated for continuous use and ideal for heavy-duty on-site cleaning where electricity is not available. Features include a 48-gal fuel tank; float tank that maintains pressure and flow while preventing sediment from entering the unit; ready for connection to remote water tank; detergent injection system; and 50 feet of two-wire braid Tuff-Skin hose, rated for up to 4,500 psi with a 24-inch safety hose guard for operator protection.

Abrasive Blasting Roller Conveyor System

HOTSYmodel RC-800 roller conveyor blast system is designed for surface preparation or finishing work on long, sectioned materials. Up to eight blast guns surround the work as it is conveyed through the automated blast machine by adjustable-speed powered rollers. External conveyors may be provided at the entry side to facilitate loading and at the exit side to accumulate finished product.

2000°F Gas-Heated Box Furnace

GRIEVE’s No. 939 gas-heated box furnace reaches temperatures up to 2,000°F for preheating metals prior to forging. Dimensions measure 72336348 in. and it offers 700,000 BTU and two modulating natural gas burners with a floor-mounted combustion air blower to heat the unit. It also features a manually-operated vertical lift door; digital indicating temperature controller; manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors; and a fused disconnect switch.