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Next-Gen Electric Chain Hoist

Feb. 6, 2012
Quiet, user-friendly design for lifting, positioning
The new version of the CM Lodestar has an adjustable limit switch to prevent loads from over-travel, and built in overload protection to guard against lifting excessive weights.

COLUMBUS MCKINNON CORP. introduced a new model for its Lodestar Series of electric chain hoist for lifting and positioning, saying the latest model is “unsurpassed for quiet operation and user-friendly design.” The CM Lodestar features allow the hoist to be used in all types of lifts and applications.

With a capacity range of 1/8 to 3 tons and a wide range of speeds, the Lodestar has the versatility to meet any challenge. Manufactured domestically, it is designed with a lightweight, durable cast aluminum housing and a powder-coated finish for high visibility. Its control panel features finger-safe wiring and plug-and-play connectors, and allows for quick voltage change, access to terminal strips, and simple fuse installation.

The lifetime grease-lubricated gearbox means the operator has no need to change or dispose of hazardous oil. An adjustable limit switch prevents the load from over-travel and built-in protection to help prevent lifting of dangerous overloads. The overload clutch is located outside the transmission, providing easy access for maintenance and out of the load path giving the operator complete control in the event of an overload. A five-pocket liftwheel reduces chain wear, and a redesigned control panel permits easy access.