Lowe’s Pro Toy Catalog

Nov. 17, 2021
Lowe’s PROvember and holiday events offer deals and products Pros need to succeed during a busy winter season and the year ahead

Home improvement professionals say they posted a banner year and see no slowdown in sight, according to Lowe’s new, proprietary Pro Pulse Survey.* While most Pros use the year’s end to wrap projects and reset, more than 70 percent of survey respondents expect to be busier than ever this winter. Luckily, Lowe’s is here to help.

“As part of our commitment to better understand what Pros want and need, we’re using methods like the Pro Pulse Survey to hear directly from Pros,” said Fred Stokes, Lowe’s senior vice president, pro sales and service. “Pros say they have been working harder than ever to keep up with the demand for home improvement projects, so we’ve rolled up our sleeves to help them restock and resupply with events like PROvember and special deals all holiday season long.”

There is an increased demand for professional help with home improvement projects, with 80 percent of survey respondents saying now more than ever there is a need for home improvement professionals. Pros reported an average of nearly 11 projects per month in 2021 and expect that to increase by 45 percent in 2022.

To help Pros navigate the holiday season and prepare for the busy year ahead, Lowe’s has released its first-ever Lowe’s Pro “Toy” Catalog to serve as a guide of products and savings. According to the survey, 82 percent of Pros say the holidays are a time to reward teams for their hard work, and 79% plan to take advantage of holiday deals to purchase tools and job supplies. The online catalog is available at Lowes.com/ProToyCatalog and includes:

  • Top PROvember deals: An entire month dedicated to pros when Lowe’s offers deals, in-store demos, welcome kits for new Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty program members, and a special sweepstakes for loyalty members
  • Top Pro “toys” of the season: The must-have tools and supplies to help pros with all of their holiday shopping needs, whether restocking their own toolbox or gifting their crew
  • Top tips and picks from Lowe’s Pro Ambassadors: Lowe’s has enlisted a new group of industry experts to provide counsel on its product and service offerings for pro customers, as well as share their wealth of knowledge on how they are prepping for 2022. Members include experts and influencers such as carpenter Darren Keefe; industry voice Victoria Downing; Roger Wakefield, The Expert Plumber; and many more.

Additional key findings from Lowe’s Pro Pulse Survey include:

Pros are prioritizing functionality and efficiency in 2022.

  • Pros expect to see increased demand in 2022 for projects aimed at adding functionality for homeowners—with the #1 project expected to be updates for energy efficiency
  • 69% of pros are shifting away from gas-powered tools for battery-powered tools

Pros are optimistic about their careers and the year ahead.

  • On a scale of zero to 10, pros on average rate their optimism about their profession a nine out of 10
  • 92% of pros are satisfied in their job as a home improvement professional

In addition to serving Pros this holiday season, Lowe’s is committed to helping Pros through improved shopping experiences all year long. Enhanced Pro offerings include new in-store products and services, such as a dedicated Pro checkout; Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty program; flexible credit options; as well as new brands and product innovations, such as the launch of FLEX power tools and SPAX fasteners. For more information on the latest for Pros, please visit Lowes.com/Pro.