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Exeter Engineering and Key Technology Introduce OCULUS Digital Sorters for Potatoes

Nov. 9, 2021

Key Technology—a member of the Duravant family of operating companies—and Exeter Engineering announce the formation of a sales and service partnership in North America.

Under the terms of the agreement, Exeter is appointed the exclusive agent to sell and service Key’s OCULUS digital sorters for fresh market potatoes in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

“OCULUS has achieved widespread success across Europe for over a decade, and we’re excited to bring this sorting system to potato packers here in North America. In fact, Exeter participated in the initial development of the OCULUS sorter. This is a technology we already know very well,” said Boomer Batchman, President of Exeter Engineering. “The rising cost and limited availability of workers is a huge challenge for potato packers. OCULUS is the perfect solution: it minimizes labor requirements while increasing production efficiencies and improving product quality and yield.”

Key’s OCULUS sorter inspects tubers using a unique 360-deg. roller system to present each potato to the vision system. Compared to traditional cascade bulk sorters, OCULUS achieves up to 20% more surface inspection and offers gentler handling of the potatoes. Reaching capacities of up to 40 metric tons of product per hour (88,000 lb./hr), OCULUS detects a wide range of color defects, diseases, and surface abnormalities including skin discoloration, green and dark colors, bruising, mechanical damage, blackleg, and silver scurf.

OCULUS is ideal for sorting fresh market potatoes, prior to or immediately following storage, to eliminate defects and identify the dimensional profile of every tuber. Its compact footprint allows easy integration into an existing packhouse layout.

“Exeter and Key each have over 30 years of experience automating the process of potato product inspection and selection. Both companies are leaders in this space,” said Carson Brennan, President of Key Technology – Americas & APAC. “Now, with the formation of this new partnership, North American customers will benefit from Key’s innovative technology and Exeter’s market expertise and strong sales-and-service network. Together, we’re in a position to increase the efficiency of potato packing operations in the region.”

Exeter is responsible for OCULUS sales and support, including application testing, installation, field service, and spare parts. For more information about the OCULUS sorter, visit: