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Np Dillon Fast Trac Jaw Nuts1 800

Tooling Converts Chucks for Quick-Change Capability

Nov. 11, 2020
System allows users to pre-assemble jaws required for the next operation while a machine is running a separate job, minimizing jaw change time.

DILLON MANUFACTURING INC. developed Fast-Trac Jaw Nuts to convert standard chucks into "quick change" chucks, reducing jaw change time by 50% or more. The proven system allows users to preassemble the jaws required for the next operation while the machine is running a separate job. This minimizes jaw change time while maximizing productivity and profitability. Quick-change capability allows more productivity per square foot of manufacturing space by productively using machining time — ideal for shops or plants operating with fewer employees due to social distancing requirements.

Dillon jaw nuts, T-nuts, and keys are available to fit all popular power chucks from 6 in. to 24 in. in diameter, including Forkhardt, Gamet, Howa, Kitigawa, Matsumoto (MMK), Nikko, Pratt Burnerd, Rohm, Samchully, Schuck, SMW, SMW-Autoblok, and more. 

Standard sizes are stocked for immediate shipment. They are especially well suite for workholding applications requiring durability and high strength, such as high-speed machining.

Dillon also offers special T-nut designs and manufacturing service for custom workhlolding requirements.

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