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Fever Alert Imaging Systems

June 10, 2020
To manage plants and facilities and identify individuals who may be carrying COVID-19, three camera types are available to monitor skin temperatures from a safe distance.

PALMER WAHL INSTRUMENTS INC. announced the availability of its Fever Alert Imaging Systems for monitoring human skin temperatures from a safe distance, with no contact required.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control cites fevers as a primary symptom for those infected with Coronavirus.

Three camera types are offered, and alarm limits may be set to distinguish individuals with higher than normal skin temperatures; someone identified in this way may require further screening by a qualified person to determine if he or she may have a fever. Sensitivity is less than or equal to 40 millikelvins, allowing users to see subtle temperature differences and make finer distinctions.

Turret and bullet styles are available for indoor installation. Each fever-alert model can be installed permanently or setup temporarily, and uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize human faces, screening up to 30 employees or visitors at a time.

At the optimal measuring distance for each model, accuracy is ±0.9°F (±0.5°C). Choose the model that measures at the distance your installation location requires; options are available that measure up to 164 feet, up to 131 feet, and up to 49 feet. Add the adapter needed to install the camera on the ceiling, wall, or pole mount, or add a tripod for temporary setup. Each unit includes analysis software.

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