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3D-Printed, Drug-Release Bandage Advances Treatment for Burn Patients
Technology Innovations

Fun Innovations Friday: 3D-Printed, Drug-Release Bandage Advances Treatment for Burn Patients

June 30, 2023
Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a 3D-printed wound dressing that expands and shrinks based on temperature and delivers time-released medication to bring...
The Ohio State University Uses 3D-Printing to Build More Affordable Housing in Ohio
Research and Development

The Ohio State University Uses 3D-Printing to Build More Affordable Housing in Ohio

June 15, 2023
Pantheon3D, a Youngstown-based additive manufacturing construction company is collaborating with OSU's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence to solve Ohio's housing crisis...
Q5D Technologies Ltd.
CY1000 4-Axis CNC Additive Manufacturing Cell
Product News

Robot Cell Automates Wiring Harness Production

May 26, 2023
Q5D Technologies' CY1000 5-axis CNC additive manufacturing robotic cell automates the production of wiring harnesses, creating 3D shapes, adding components, and connecting them...
HP, Inc.
Metal Jet S100
3D Printing

Metal Jet S100 3D Printer for Mass Production

May 12, 2023
HP's Metal Jet S100 3D printing solution is comprised of four different build stations allowing users to run production at scale for metal parts.
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Titanium Parts Manufacturer Discusses Binder Jetting Ti64

March 17, 2023
With qualifications of Copper Alloy C18150 and Titanium Alloy Ti64 on its Production System and 304L Stainless Steel on its Shop System, Desktop Metal has a market-leading 23 ...
Desktop Metal
Desktop Metal & Azoth 3D
Plant Operations

On-Demand Complex Metal Part Production

Nov. 15, 2022
Azoth 3D uses binder jet 3D printing to implement 'take one make one' lean supply chain strategy.
Injection molded parts
Process Equipment

Don't Break the Bank: Quick-Turn Injection Molded Parts

Nov. 14, 2022
Fast-turn on-demand tools for functional testing in end-use material in a matter of days are changing how product designers iterate quickly before going to production tooling....
3D Printing

Blue Printing Powder

Oct. 7, 2022
The iglide i6-BLUE laser sintering powder for 3D printing is highly abrasion-resistant, self-lubricating, and food-safe according to FDA and EU 10/2011 regulations. It is easy...
3D Printing

Handheld 3D Scanner

Sept. 22, 2022
EINSTAR is an affordable handheld 3D scanner equipped with three infrared VCSEL projectors, two stereo depth cameras, and one RGB color camera. This ensures it is easy to capture...