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Ten Things We Love About New Equipment

Maybe you think Valentine's Day is a manufactured holiday. But what's wrong with that? We love manufacturing, and of course, the tools that drive the engine of industry. Here are ten of our personal favorites we think you'll love, too.

Dear reader,

Valentine's day is more than just the day you are obligated to either buy flowers and roses if you have someone, or stew in a toxic bath of perpetual loneliness if you don't. It's really about  love. And what we love around here is tools, (something we have in common with our wives). We know you love 'em, too, otherwise what are you doing here? S we compiled a list of the ten pieces of industrial equipment we've been crushing on. Steal yourself away from penning that sonnet for your sweetie, won't you, and take a look.


P.S. Some of these will even make great gifts for Father's Day.


--Travis Hessman and John Hitch, New Equipment Digest

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